Intro to La Causa

la causa


My 5th grade students and I are very excited to begin our Young Author’s workshop with our facilitators. We are very grateful for this opportunity and I am sure the students are excited to learn more. I will begin by giving you a short summary of our school. Charter School is located in the Southside of Milwaukee and serves approximately 800 students and their families. Grades range from 1st through 8th grade. The main languages spoken are Spanish and English. The school provides innovative, foundational, bilingual and multi-cultural learning experiences. La Causa has a strong emphasis on Fine Arts and Vocational Education. Some of these programs include: Music, Art, Physical Education, Video production, Robotics, Project Lead the Way, and Computer Science. Our extracurricular activities include Soccer, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Guitars, Dance, First Stage Theater, LEGO Robotics Club, STEM Science Club, Boys Scout, Soccer, Girls on the Run (and Boys on the Run) and Choir, to name a few. We participate in events such as 5 de Mayo, Cantos de Las Americas, and many others. La Causa also has a school garden in which staff and students volunteer to plant vegetables and fruits.

Our 5th grade bilingual classroom consists of 31 students who are enthusiastic and curious learners. At times they can get chatty but they are great students. They all know the school and classroom expectations and for the most part follow through with it. When my students are interested or excited about a topic, they usually love to get involved. Most of my students are Spanish speakers with English as their second language. Many of our students have strong cultural backgrounds and are involved in many of the activities and events that the school offers.

Our 5th grade class is very excited for their first YAW presentation. They enjoyed their Discovery World visit and all of the workshops. Thank you very much for allowing us to experience everything that Young Author’s workshops had to offer. We look forward in seeing you again.


Ms. Narvaez

La Causa Charter School

5th Grade Bilingual Teacher


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