Intro to Milwaukee Environmental Science Academy


Have you heard about Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy? Here at M.E.S.A. everyone is one big crew. We call ourselves “Crew 6600”. M.E.S.A. is a school that has your grades high to the sky! It is an Expeditionary Learning school, and that makes for a great experience.

One interesting thing about our school is that we have a courtyard cistern. The courtyard is also home to several gardening beds. Planting is done by each grade in the spring, and in the summer classmates help pick out the organic vegetables in the school’s garden. When we harvest our vegetables we get to eat them. Another unique thing about our school is that we have a Toyota Family Learning program where parents get to learn more about our school and do projects. We wear uniforms each day so we all look the same. Our shirts have a yellow jacket on it as that is our school mascot. The best part is the staff cares about our learning.

M.E.S.A is a great place to learn. In class we have LLI groups so kids can get better at reading. It is very easy to learn new things because the teachers are so smart and creative. We have 1st grade buddies that we meet with on Friday afternoons. Each month we try to donate gifts to our neighbors. In October we left decorated pumpkins at their homes. In November we left “thankful rocks”. In December we delivered hand­made Christmas ornaments. We skipped January because it was cold and busy. We made Valentines in February. We’re very proud of our school and classroom.


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