Intro to Notre Dame


Notre Dame primary building is just four years old.  The middle school is almost 20 years old.  The primary building is a dual language program.  Students in K4 to 4th are taught in English and Spanish.  Primary is coed, but the middle school is all girls.  There are two homerooms of each class. 

In 4A there are 18 girls and 2 boys.  The reason for that is that many girls come to our school in 4th grade so they can enter the middle school for 5th grade.  After 4th grade the boys go to a variety of schools.  I teach subjects in English so in my homeroom only English is spoken. 

The students do work in centers and other groupings so they are used to working in groups.  Their behavior is quite good when they are working together.  They enjoy the group activities.  They are looking forward to Jess coming and the activities they will participate in.


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