MESA Report #1: Motion sensors & the math of colors


Nathaniel Stern is an artist and writer. He came to our classroom and showed us that when you zoom in on a picture it ends up being a bunch little squares called “pixels”. He taught us that a pixel is a “very small area of illumination on a display, one of many from which an image is composed”. He also told us that white is 1, black is 0, and grey is .5.

After Mr. Stern’s presentation we made videos in our school courtyard. It was fun because we learned how to make motion video recorder just with a camera. We learned that you could use anything with a motion recorder. Some groups did a dance and made scary faces. My group did a dance, and then we saw pixels back in the classoom. When we were in the courtyard we learned to work together.

One of our favorite parts of the experience was learning about pixels. We also liked learning about the motion sensor. Plus we got to shoot our own motion video with our groups. We liked to learn the math of colors. For example white equals 1, black equals 0, and gray equals .5. Last but not least we got notebooks to write down things that we learned, and we can write more things when Mr. Stern comes back. We hope that you can learn the same.

We have questions about the next time you come. What will be our next project/activity? What will we do in the class? Will the project take place outside again? What will the subject be this time? Just like with the camera, will you bring anything else? Those are some questions that we have right now.

Bonus videos of the action that took place during the session:


One thought on “MESA Report #1: Motion sensors & the math of colors”

  1. Thanks guys! It’s Dr Stern here. In response to their questions, next time we will learn about sound waves and how sound is converted to digital files (and back again), then how we can use that information to do things like volume tracking for interactivity. We will again make videos for interactive (sound) work, and input them into the machine – so, yes, outside fun time! Warmly,


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