Dispatch #2 from MESA and Professor Stern

Today we learned about the audio transduction (which is the passing of sound), different parts in your ears (like the cochlea), and how the ear drum works. Our ears have a lot of parts that move inside.

We went outside to make videos again. We had to be quiet in the first video, and loud in the second video. It didn’t really work for us because we were having computer problems. The examples he showed were neat, and I wish ours would have worked.

Questions we have now:

-How can an ear drum bust?

-How loud does it have to be for an ear drum to pop?

-Why do we have so many parts in our ears?

-Why do some of the ear parts move?

-How many inches are the bones?

-Is Nathanial coming again?

-How can I do that at home (what was done with our class?)

-How did you make the video?


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