Session #2 at Metcalfe: Scribble Bots come to life!

The second YAW session consisted of a follow on exercise to the original session. The students were initially introduced to the simple motor project and learned the how and why about the force generated by electricity flowing through a wire when it’s in the presence of a magnet. During the second session the students were given a motor to start their project. This project’s purpose was to show the students how a motor can be used to build a toy that can generate art.

All students were excited and motivated to complete the project. Some students were able to complete the exercise by themselves while others required some assistance. My observations during the exercise revealed that additional preparation prior to the distribution of materials would benefit the overall goal of having a fully functional Scribble Bot by the end of the session.

Written by Michael McNeary, Metcalfe YAW Facilitator


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