Preparing to share far & wide

Now that all of the schools participating in the Young Authors Workshop have completed the sessions with their facilitators, they’re going to share what they learned with each other and everyone else.

They’re going to do that using a zine (more on what that is later), with each classroom creating a part of a single publication, collaborating from afar. Dr. Coppins from SHARP Literacy and Adam Carr visited each of the classrooms to help the students get started on their submission.

We’ll be able to share the final product soon!



Session #2 La Causa Charter School

Thank you for another fun filled day of YAW. The students learned a lot from Ms. Xela and Dr. Dina. They were very excited for them to come because they enjoy their personality and engaging activities. The students have been learning about health, the different types of germs and how they affect us.

The students especially loved the La Causaterium activity  from the first session because it was a very different experience for them and they continued talking about it days later! They also enjoyed the survey on brushing their teeth and the making of the bar graph chart. Students were very impressed on how many students brushed and flossed their teeth each day.

They also enjoyed writing down the types of food and checking off the particular ones that contained sugar. They really enjoyed making cards to people about their oral health to be mailed out. The students benefited from these activities and learned a lot, including different types of germs and using safe methods when coughing to stop the spread of germs. They also learned how sugar can create build up in the mouth and cause germs which might be harmful to their health.

The students loved how Xela and Dina were very interactive and engaging with their activities.