Kicking off the 2016 YAW — Full STEAM ahead!

_DSC3280Full STEAM ahead!

On the morning of Jan 25, 2016, 4th & 5th graders from around Milwaukee gathered at Discovery World to kickoff an exciting project — SHARP Literacy’s 2016 Young Authors Workshop!

Throughout the next few months, students will be working with local professionals to engage in projects exploring STEAM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Participating schools are La Causa, Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy, Metcalfe Elementary School, Notre Dame, and Trowbridge School of Discovery and Technology.

The local professionals and project facilitators are an impressive and diverse group who have ambitious plans for the students:

  • Dina & Marcela Garcia, PhD candidate and health activist
    • Eggcellent Grillz explores the effects of sugary beverages on teeth
  • Nathaniel Stern, Artist and Educator at UW-Milwaukee
    • Creating interactive multimedia images
  • Matt Richardson, CEO/Visioneer at SmartWave
    • Telling a story with data using Human Centered Design Methods
  • Jess Goehner, Fashion Designer and Owner/CEO of Directive
    • Mono prints and screen printing tessellations
  • Michael McNeary, Principal Test Systems Engineer
    • Demonstrations using levitations, gyroscopes and magnets

On this blog, you can follow the project as it unfolds. Keep checking back throughout the next few months to hear updates from each classroom, as they share their many discoveries.

Lynda Kohler, President/CEO of SHARP Literacy, welcomes the students before they head off to engage in experiments and activities.

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