To: Mr. McNeary; From: Room 215

The students from Metcalfe took a slightly different approach to the introductory assignment, writing their YAW facilitator directly. Check it out:

Dear Mr. McNeary,

Hi Michael, this is room 215, a room you will never forget. We are fourth graders here at Ralph H. Metcalfe. We are honored to have you visit our school, because we love having guests. Let us tell you a little about our classroom.

The most important thing you need to know is that we like to have fun. We like to play games on our laptops, but we also like to learn. 26 out of 29 of us like math. That means only 3 don’t. 16 of us love to read! We also like writing, earning Moola, Helping out, and Pizza parties!

However, SOME kids are rude, so please just ignore them. And sometimes EACH of us have our ups and downs. Sometimes we have problems, but mostly we’re good! So, that’s the truth about our class. We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday. Have a great day.


Room 215


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